From the Edge of the Rainbow Bridge: A Poem to Console Grieving Cat Owners

Written With Deepest Sympathies

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Losing your pet can be a very difficult experience as you adjust to life without your special kitty.

Having said goodbye to over a dozen cats over the course of decades, I’ve personally had a wide range of experiences…from having a cat simply never come back to choosing the ultimate act of compassion to end physical suffering.

Drawing on all these experiences I realized that my special soul-cats are still with me…I can summon them by simply closing my eyes. We form special bonds that run deep and connect us forever.

  • Perhaps you have recently lost a kitty — I hope this poem offers some consolation.
  • Maybe a friend sent you this page — that friend cares about you.
  • Perhaps you know someone grieving their kitty — then send this with your love and support.

~Lisa @ Black Cat Gifts

From the Edge of the Rainbow Bridge [Shareable Graphic]

From the Edge of the Rainbow Bridge

From the Edge of the Rainbow Bridge [Text]

My dearest friend,
I am with you though it seems I am gone.

When you find my fur on your shirt…
I can feel your hand scratching my chin.

When you think you see me out of the corner of your eye…
I am remembering your warm lap.

When you dream of me…
I am also dreaming of you, and sometimes my paws twitch a little bit.

When you look at pictures of me…
I purr and blink slowly into the sunlight.

And don’t you worry.

I am so happy here…
toy mice and tuna treats grow on trees!

But every time you miss me…
I will come running through fields of catnip just to see you for a moment,
from the edge of the rainbow bridge.


Please feel free to share this page with anyone who may benefit from this poem or the resources below:

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Everyone heals differently – please be kind to yourself and others through this process.

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