About Black Cat Gifts – Our Mission to Increase Awareness and Adoption

About Black Cat Gifts_FIHi, my name’s Lisa and I’m one cat shy of Crazy Cat Lady.  I’ve had cats since I was five years old and consider myself an honorary cat whisperer. Here’s the short version of why this site exists…

How Black Cat Gifts Began

Years ago, I was visiting an animal shelter in my hometown because I’d just made a donation of supplies. While there, I walked back to the cat area and asked for a young black cat (about a teenager in human years) to come out into the open play area. She was a feisty little devil!

Although I wasn’t in a position to adopt another cat, I did spend play time with her while I was there, simply because I could.  One of the staff members (a nice lady), saw us playing and said “She’s very playful, it’s a shame she probably won’t get adopted.” When I asked her why, her answer stunned me: “Because she’s black.”

My jaw dropped and my heart broke.
I had no idea that black kitties were the least likely to be adopted. And that’s very bad luck at a shelter that euthanizes.

Fast-forward to you reading this today.

I thought, “Raising awareness about this could make a difference to even one cat.” Fortunately there are many other supporters out there, some of whom I link to in articles. One way to raise awareness is education, so you’ll find research here on black cat facts, health, and other info. Another way to raise awareness is to get black cats out there  in all their glory — through images, articles, and merchandise.

How do we select our black cat gifts for you?

  • They must be iconic
  • They should be eye-catching
  • The designer clearly has artistic talent
  • All art and photos should portray the cats in a positive light
  • We use our own finicky tastes to curate themed collections (vintage, retro, etc)

Three Things You Can Do

  1. Share, share, share! Get black cat articles out on your social media channels, ours and any other good ones you find. Use hashtags like the ones listed at the end of this article.
  2. Support local black cats. Encourage others to adopt or foster black cats, and even do it yourself if you can. Sometimes even fostering for a few months can make the difference to give that one kitty a chance to live out the rest of its 9 lives. If you’re not in a position to take that on, consider making a cash or supplies donation to your local shelter — everything little bit helps!
  3. Buy some gifts through our site.  We receive a few pennies for each purchase at no cost to you, and that helps offset the hosting and maintenance costs of keeping this site up and running. We’ve spent weeks sifting out the nicest black cat gifts to save you time, but let us know if you have any suggestions below.

Black Cat Gifts ThumbnailThanks for sharing your black cat fandom with us – your gifts help support the site and your sharing helps support the kitties. Don’t forget to plug in your e-mail for the latest black cat articles, videos, funnies and special discounts!

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