Found a Lost Cat? Nine Steps to Help you Get Kitty Home

Found a Lost Cat

What to Do if You Found a Lost Cat Have you found a lost cat? Did a kitty in need come up to you and looks lost? Not sure what to do? Here are nine things to help put you and your found kitty on the right path. 1. Read the kitty signals. Many housecats wander outside, and not all of them…

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From the Edge of the Rainbow Bridge: A Poem to Console Grieving Cat Owners

From the Edge of the Rainbow Bridge_fi

Written With Deepest Sympathies Losing your pet can be a very difficult experience as you adjust to life without your special kitty. Having said goodbye to over a dozen cats over the course of decades, I’ve personally had a wide range of experiences…from having a cat simply never come back to choosing the ultimate act of compassion to end physical suffering.…

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Cat Photography – Purrception v Reality

Purrception v Reality Possessed

Cat Photography – The Truth Behind the Cute Almost on par with cat herding, cat photography is a tricky business. Mostly because cats are a tricky business. Really — this is what our subjects do: Sit on a sheet of paper when 400 square feet of bare floor is available. Sleep in a shoebox instead of any one of their…

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Black Cat Eyes – Unraveling the Mystery of that Piercing Gaze

Black Cat Eyes

Green is the classic hallmark of black cat eyes. Since it’s so popular we even chose it as our favorite site icon! But there’s more to the story. When we dig into the science, it’s genetics that determine their eye color and there are some interesting twists and turns that might surprise you. Black Cat Eyes – Are They Really…

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Are Black Cats Good Luck? Surprising Facts from Around the World

Are Black Cats Good Luck

Are black cats good luck? Who would believe such a thing? First of all, you probably agree that it’s complete madness to entertain the idea that black cats are bad luck. However, the other side of the coin is also a belief, and it turns out that there are many variations on this theme. You may be surprised by some…

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Are Black Cats Bad Luck? History, Superstition and Reality

Are Black Cats Bad Luck

In Western culture, black cats can be symbols of evil omen, so we ask: are black cats bad luck? Some people hold the superstition that if they see a black cat crossing their path, it means misfortune. But when and why did this belief begin? Are Black Cats Bad Luck? A Short History Lesson. It’s interesting to note that black…

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