Adopt a Black Cat – 21 Compelling Reasons that Will Convince You

21 Reasons Adopt a Black CatLooking for great reasons to adopt a black cat? Perfect…get your catnip out because we’ve got twenty-one (21!) great reasons that you’ll love.

We’ll cover science-y, practical and fun(ny) reasons for you in just a bit. But before we do, chances are you are here because you know that black cats have some trouble getting adopted, right?

Why Are Black Cat Adoption Rates so Low?

The reasons vary but many studies back up this unfortunate reality. One practical reason is that during internet searches, some black cat photos don’t show as well as other types of kitty photos. It can be harder to see their features if the picture is not taken well, making them look less glamorous than in person.

However, it is most likely the silly outdated superstition and subconscious judgments about black cats that keep people looking for differently-colored kitties.The bottom line is that black cats make excellent companions just as much as any other cat. And to prove it, here you have our ultimate list of reasons to adopt a black cat.

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21 Reasons Adopt Black Cat Infographic

21 Compelling Reasons to Adopt a Black Cat:

  1. Everybody knows this trick: Black is slimming!
  2. For the fashion-conscious: Black goes with everything!
  3. Girl-kitty Couture: pink collar + black coat = 100% classic Chanel.
  4. For Generation X: black cats are like, totally goth.
  5. For Millennials: black cats are SO emo. Whatevs.
  6. You can introduce your new black cat to guests as your resident “house panther.”
  7. For Halloween fans: instant house décor.
  8. Also for Halloween fans: instant witch costume accessory.
  9. For science nerds: the genetic makeup of their black coat (“melanism”) offers them immune and survival advantages.
  10. Black cats absorb the warmth of sunlight so they can keep you warm in the winter!
  11. The darker your black cat’s hair, the more light it is absorbing. So black cats are technically…full of light. That’s right. Mind. Blown.
  12. Black cats wear MANY coats! Just look at your black cat in the sun and you’ll see. There’s the blue black, the stripey black, the deep black, auburn black, the black with gray hair, the grey with black tips… Well, you get the picture.
  13. Beautiful black cats come in three styles: the sleek shorthair, the fluffball long-hair, and the stylish medium hair.
  14. Black cats come with different types of jewel-toned eyes. Each eye color tells a different genetic story (you can read more about that here.)
  15. Against their sleek black fur, black cat’s yellow, green, amber or blue eyes stand out with a piercing, memorable gaze.
  16. Can you say “purr-sonality?”
  17. Unlike most cats, some black cats get “gray hair” as they age, making them look wise and distinguished.
  18. Like any good action hero, black cats are always in stealth mode at night like little natural-born ninjas.
  19. Black cats are lucky because they will make you smile by playing, purring, plotting, and loving you back.
  20. Black cats can really own fantastic quirky names like “Raven” or “Salem.”
  21. We saved the best for last: When you adopt a black cat you can feel good about rescuing a kitty whose fate might have been grim. Your lucky black cat will now have the chance to bring you all the delights of their very unique personality!

Be Honest: Are You Sold or What?

How are you going to argue with such a long list of awesome? Besides adopting a black cat yourself, you can help our furry friends by sharing this article. Help put aside prejudice with all the reasons black cats are awesome!

Black Cat Gifts ThumbnailThanks for sharing your black cat fandom with us – your gifts help support the site and your sharing helps support the kitties. Don’t forget to plug in your e-mail for the latest black cat articles, videos, funnies and special discounts!







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