Are Black Cats Good Luck? Surprising Facts from Around the World

Are Black Cats Good LuckAre black cats good luck? Who would believe such a thing?

First of all, you probably agree that it’s complete madness to entertain the idea that black cats are bad luck. However, the other side of the coin is also a belief, and it turns out that there are many variations on this theme.

You may be surprised by some of the folklore…

Are black cats good luck? Depends on where you live!

Did you know that the Japanese think that bad luck myths are nonsense? In fact they believe that black cats are good luck.

Because there are as many beliefs of black cats bringing good luck as there are of them bringing bad luck, it comes down to culture and location. In some cultures, black cats are revered and deemed a symbol of good luck even to this day. For example in Scotland, the arrival of a strange black cat in a home signifies prosperity while the English believe that a black cat as a wedding present brings the bride good luck.

But again it varies. For example, a black cat crossing your path in Japan or Britain is considered good luck, whereas it is more popularly believed to be bad luck in the U.S. and some European countries.

Lucky Black Cats – Facts and Beliefs from Around the World

Throughout history, many cultures consider black cats lucky and sacred. For example:

  • Freya – the Norse Goddess of fertility and love – drove a chariot pulled by two black cats.
  • Some people in the United Kingdom believe that a black cat walking towards you brings good luck, and that a black cat walking away from you is taking that good same good fortune with it.
  • Many stories and texts share the belief that black cat dreams are a lucky omen.
  • Back cats are called “matagots” or “magician cats” in the south of France, where they supposedly bring good luck to those who treat them with respect and feed them well.
  • Fisherman’s wives often kept black cats if their husbands were away at sea. Lucky for the black cats, the women believed that treating the cats kindly would keep their husbands out of harm’s way.
  • Feng Shui advocates claim that happy places and homes attract cats. Therefore a black cat or other cat is a symbol of luck, health, and happiness.
  • Some cultures believe that giving a bride a black cat as a wedding present will bring her good luck.
  • The Scots believe that a black cat crossing your path means good things to come. And a black cat on your porch will bring prosperity.
  • English monarch King Charles I had a black cat whom he treasured. After his beloved black cat took ill and died, King Charles lamented that his luck was over. With his good luck charm gone, he faced arrest and charges of high treason the very next day.

Black Cats Could Bring Good Luck to our Health

When we look at things from a scientific perspective, we learn that black cats could bring good tidings in the health arena. Researchers are studying the color mutation of black cats with the belief that understanding its survival advantage could lead to new discoveries in fighting and preventing diseases. Isn’t that great news? Our black furry feline friends are good luck for sure!

So Are Black Cats Good Luck or Not?

Well the thing about superstitions is that you can never prove them. And that people can be pretty stubborn about what they believe (like the “bad luck” nonsense). But we know one thing for sure. If you are ready to adopt a beautiful black cat and have a loyal companion for life, that may be one of the luckiest things to happen to both of you. 😉

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