Black Cat Day – What, When & How to Celebrate

Black Cat Appreciation Day

We all know that black cats are sweet, cute and charming, right? Well you’ll be pleased to know that now they get an entire 24 hours of the spotlight every year on Black Cat Day. We’ll share with you the origins of Black Cat Day, some regional distinctions, and make sure you read to the end for some fun ideas…

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Adopt a Black Cat – 21 Compelling Reasons that Will Convince You

21 Reasons Adopt a Black Cat

Looking for great reasons to adopt a black cat? Perfect…get your catnip out because we’ve got twenty-one (21!) great reasons that you’ll love. We’ll cover science-y, practical and fun(ny) reasons for you in just a bit. But before we do, chances are you are here because you know that black cats have some trouble getting adopted, right? Why Are Black…

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