Cat Photography – Purrception v Reality

Cat Photography – The Truth Behind the Cute

Almost on par with cat herding, cat photography is a tricky business. Mostly because cats are a tricky business. Really — this is what our subjects do:

  • Sit on a sheet of paper when 400 square feet of bare floor is available.
  • Sleep in a shoebox instead of any one of their 5 cat beds
  • Drink water a drop at a time with their paws
  • Immediately push their toys under the refrigerator

So this is the psychology we’re working with and we’re expected to take good photos? Honestly, babies may be easier to photograph. At least they don’t run at the camera in full-on attack mode.

Purrception v Reality with our Mascot JujuKitty

For every good photo there are about 50 not-so-good ones. And of those 50 at least one is so awful it’s kind of funny.  So without further ado, here are some photos of our very own JujuKitty for your enjoyment.

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Purrception v Reality YawningLEFT: Sweet, adorable kitten with jewel eyes.
RIGHT: I vant to suck your blood!

Purrception v Reality SneezeLEFT: Daydreamy sweetness.
RIGHT: Remembering that time she tripped you.

Purrception v Reality PossessedLEFT: Contemplating life or a spot on the ceiling.
RIGHT: ROFL after too much catnip.

Purrception v Reality Cat PhotographyLEFT: Minding my own business getting clean.
RIGHT: “Awww, SHUDDUP you!!!”

Purception v Reality PossessedLEFT: “Who, me??”
RIGHT: **turns into werewolf**

Purrception v Reality Cat PhotographyLEFT: I’ll show this toy!
RIGHT: Derp…what’s a toy? Derp…

Purrception v Reality LeeringLEFT: Getting ready for a nap.
RIGHT: Laughing at your choice of pants.

So there you have it, folks — the Purrception v Reality of cat photography. Please share your favorites by hovering over the image and selecting your social medium of choice. And please feel free to request more on our Twitter or Facebook pages.

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