Black Cat Mugs – Our Cup Runneth Over with Awesome

Black Cat Mugs_FINeed a clever cat lover gift that is a tried and tested winner? Black cat mugs fit the bill because let’s face it — who doesn’t love a great cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate even MORE with their favorite feline on it?

Enjoy our selection and don’t miss our list of mug styles or our list of mug stuffer gift ideas at the end of the page!

Black Cat Mugs – Our Collection of the Best Designs

All items below live on – you’ll love their 5-star quality and customer service!

Black Cat Good Morning Coffee Mug

Black Cat Morning Coffee Cup

Black & White Love Cats Mug

Black & White Love Cats Mug

Black Cat Lovers' Mug Set

Black Cat Lovers’ Mug Set

I Love My Little Black Cat

Love My Little Black Cat

Black Cat with Butterfly Mug

Black Cat with Butterfly Mug

Orange-Eyed Black Cat Mug

Orange-Eyed Black Cat Mug

Retro Black Cat Mugs

Retro Black Cat Mug

Black Kittens Coffee Mug

Black Kittens Coffee Mug

Black Cat Artist Mug

Black Cat Artist Mug

Halloween Black Cat Mugs

These are our favorite designs for the Halloween enthusiast, featuring (of course) our black cat superstars.

We picked out the best for you, but you can also explore more mugs featuring black cat designs.

Customizable Variety of Mug Styles

What we love about the mugs above is that they come in a variety of styles and have some custom options. For example, you can change the background color on some to be your favorite! If you like any of our favorite designs below – which we scanned to meet our finicky tastes, by the way – you can place them on various mug types:

  • Your plain old white mug (a classic)
  • A ringer mug, which has matching color handle and top stripe
  • A two-tone mug, white on the outside and a darker glaze on the inside
  • A frosted glass mug
  • A metal travel mug for those on the go
  • A “magic” mug that looks white when cold, but reveals the design when hot!
  • There’s even a beer stein if that’s your style

Mug Stuffer Gift Ideas

You could just wrap the mug and have a perfectly delightful surprise for your black cat fan, but filling the mug with these things first could make it just that much more special:

  • Their favorite wrapped candies, like caramels, chocolates or mints
  • Fancy hot chocolate packets
  • A variety of individually wrapped tea bags
  • A small bag of their favorite coffee beans or grounds
  • An item of jewelry like necklaces, earrings or bracelets
  • A gift card to their favorite pet supply store
  • A gift for their black kitty, like a catnip toy

Black Cat Gifts ThumbnailThanks for sharing your black cat fandom with us – your gifts help support the site and your sharing helps support the kitties. Don’t forget to plug in your e-mail for the latest black cat articles, videos, funnies and special discounts!

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