Vintage Black Cats – A Collection of Black Cats Through Art History

Vintage Black CatsOh how we love vintage black cats in their elegant antiquity!

We’ve been loving back cats for centuries – since ancient Egypt to modern times – and the sleek black cat has deftly woven its paws back and forth through culture.

Although we don’t have a complete historical record, we do have black cat art that has persisted through the centuries. In this article we’ll showcase two things for you:

  1. Our Vintage Black Cats Collection on Zazzle (3 samples here)
  2. Vintage Black Cats – A Short Timeline of Historical Highlights, below

Our finicky collection of vintage black cats!

First of all we’ll be honest: browsing pages and pages of vintage black cat art was like taking a trip through history. While some kitties were paired with witches and pumpkins, other were paired with children and cats. Here are just three samples so make sure to link to our full collection:
The items below live on – you’ll love their 5-star quality and customer service!

Vintage Black Cats – A Short Timeline of Historical Highlights

  • 1843: Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Black Cat” is published.
  • 1881: The famous “Le Chat Noir” cabaret opens in the Montmarte district in Paris. Its iconic poster is possibly the most famous of black cat posters.
  • 1919: Felix the Cat comes on the stage.
  • 1937: A black kitten attends British football team Sunderland’s game as a good luck charm. They won against the odds and recently formally adopted the name “The Black Cats”
  • 1949: MGM and famous Looney Tunes director Tex Avery release the “Bad Luck Blackie” cartoon.
  • 1965: The first Bombay cat appears – the only cat breed whose color is strictly black.
  • 1968: In Star Trek’s “Assignment: Earth” episode, Isis takes the form of a black cat.

A New Appreciation for Old Art

In summary, we hope this collection and overview has given you a new perspective (and some knowledge) about vintage black cats. If your style is a little more recent, you may enjoy our Retro Black Cats collection, too.  Looking at both,  It’s kind of neat to see how our beloved pets join the culture bandwagon as we humans move through generations.

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