Black Cat Videos – Our Favorite Clips to Delight, Entertain, and Inspire!

Black Cat Videos – Our Favorites from *Hundreds*!

Black Cat VideosBy now everyone knows that cats rule the internet, but where do black cat videos fit into this equation?

Well if you’re a black cat fan, the answer is: “at the top.” πŸ˜‰ We’ll be adding many more videos in different categories: funny, playful, cute, inspiring, etc. But for now we have selected a few so that you can get your fix right away. You can also sign up for our e-news and/or follow our social media channels for the latest in black cat videos and general adorableness.

As certified black cat fans we know that you can start watching your favorite kitty vids and before you know it hours have passed. So in the meantime — watch and enjoy!

Black Cat Has Long Conversations with His Human:

If you live alone, Marco is the perfect example of the cat you want to come home to and tell all about your day at work.Β  He will make sure you know he’s listening but also chime in with his opinion at every opportunity!

Black Cat Tries to Calm Fussy Baby

Stewie the black cat keeps his cool even when a little baby is making a fuss. With one sweet calming paw he reaches out to the baby until he falls asleep. Cute!

Five Black Kittens at Play

Six-week-old shelter kitties go to town with cat wand toy. Slightly floofy but completely adorable – enjoy 2 1/2 minutes of black kitty playtime!

Cole the Black Cat will Steal Your Heart

We love this sweet compilation of internet star Cole of “Cole & Marmalade” fame. From kitten stalking to young adult playtime, this short video is a great snapshot of Cole’s charming personality. We dare you not to fall in love!

Black Cat Totally Owns Ball of Yarn

Dear ball of orange yarn: Perhaps you had hopes of becoming a sweater one day, or a humble scarf. We regret to inform you that a little black cat will change your destiny forever. Fortunately, it looks like you can handle a good wrestling match. Unfortunately, your hair looks a mess.

Rescuers Turn Black Cat’s Luck Around

This is the story of Eva’s rescue and recovery. Thank you CARE humans for taking such good care of Eva and giving her a second chance. We may not think one cat matters, but to her it makes all the difference. πŸ™‚

We hope you have enjoyed our collection of black cat videos! We’ll be adding more to the list so make sure to bookmark this page or sign up for our newsletter to get video links right to your inbox!

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